Some Interesting Tips for Staying Young – Amazing Health Benefits of Sex!

Jul 7, 2024 | ESCORT SERVICE

Sexual activities are more than simply a way to connect physically with your partner as well as yourself. Sexual activity has serious health benefits to both males and females. If you’re looking for a reason to start a new fling Here are eight reasons why you should take the time to be “getting healthy” at least once a week.

Enhances Your Feel-Good Factor

A study of the health of older adults conducted by The New England Journal of Medicine found that those that are involved in a happy relationship and regularly have sex are more likely to rate their overall health “very excellent” as well as “excellent.” Sexual intimacy just makes you feel better and healthy people tend to be more likely to engage in sexual sex.

The drug relieves pain and provides pleasure

Researchers at Rutgers observed an increase of 40% in women’s pain tolerance when vaginal self-stimulation is used. Since your body releases the natural painkilling hormone oxytocin in orgasm, it is possible to try choosing to enjoy yourself instead of medication for headaches to ease and pain in the back, discomfort and cramps in the menstrual cycle.

Loves Colds as well as Flu Goodbye

The benefits of sex for health aren’t anything to sniff at. Sex is a regular activity that builds an enhanced defense system that can be a major turnoff for bugs, viruses, and the like. A study of pupils from Wilkes-Barre University in Pennsylvania discovered that those who had sex every week for a couple of times were 30% more likely to have more salivary immunoglobulin A (IgA) which is the antibody which fights diseases and shields against colds and flu.

Eases Endometriosis

Timing is a key element to improve your health through sexual activities. Yale University researchers report that being intimate when you’re menstruating reduces the risk of endometriosis which is a condition that causes the growth of endometrial tissue in places outside from the uterus. The study found that uterine contractions caused by orgasm can help clear your uterus from menstrual fluid, and decrease the risk of developing the condition.

Aids Wounds Heal

A groundbreaking study that examines how psychological stress can affect wound healing shows that sexual contact can aid in healing more than just your relationship. Couples had blisters, and followed while engaging in activities that were supportive, versus difficult marital conversations. The positive interactions helped their wounds to heal two times as quickly as if they were in a heated argument. Evidently, a caring sexual relationship can help heal all injuries. (At most, it’s safe for a try.)

It makes your heart happy

A study from the American Journal of Cardiology proposes that a love affair with a loved one can keep the ticker moving for longer. The results of a study that lasted 16 years known as known as the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, revealed that those who participated with sex two times a week cut their risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease by 50 percent.

Reduces the risk of Prostate Cancer

prostate cancer study at Harvard offers great news for males. Researchers have discovered solid evidence that regular ejaculation can lead to lower risk of developing prostate cancer. People who exercised 21 or more every month cut their risk of developing prostate cancer by 33% as compared to men who only had 4-7 ejaculations per month.

Gives Men Reasons for Living (Longer)

Being healthy and feeling great are major benefits however, one of the best sexual health benefits is that it helps you enjoy a fulfilling life for a longer time. This is particularly applicable to males. A study conducted by British Medical Journal found that those who were frequently orgasmic were 50% lower than those who didn’t have frequent orgasms.

The most important lesson to be learned from this study? Being active in your sexual life (with an individual or with a partner) is vital to an active, healthy life full of well -being and happiness. Make it a priority on your calendar, after doing your exercise as well as taking vitamins and develop a plan for wellness you’ll be excited about. If you are experiencing any sexual problems or symptoms do not be afraid of talking to your doctor about them. Both genders can seek treatment to create a healthy sexual life that can last for the rest of your life.

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